Exhibition: Small Business at Bromfield Gallery, July 5-30

“Now with [Jennifer] Day’s new sculptural work of stunningly crafted 3-dimensional miniature worlds, [she] seems to be asking us a brooding question related to her oceanscapes: where have all the people gone?”

—Frank Schaeffer, writer, artist, commentator

Industrial Resolution, twigs,toothpicks,wood scraps, 45in x 70 in
Industrial Resolution, detail
detail of irrigation system from Industrial Resolution, 4 inches height
Coal Tipple #1 twigs, stone, 12in x 12in
Tipple #2, mahogany veneer, pine strips, clay, 12in x 12in
Tipple#3, dirt, twigs, mahogany veneer, foam
Alamo, sticks, sand, dead boxwood, 28in x 7in
Pyre, dogwood branch, toothpicks, 24in x 20in
detail of Pyre, 2 inches height
Human Scale
Small Roots, Dead boxwood roots, 8in x 4in
Ziggurat, frame stock, twigs, etc, 84in x 30in
Ziggurat, detail
detail, Ziggurat, 3 inches height
Blast Furnace,toothpicks, twigs, stone, 6in x 10in
Infill, toothpicks, beachgrass, 9in x 7in
Lumber, sand, twigs, grass, 8in x 12in
Corporation Salt Works, toothpicks and twigs, 10in x 11in
Span, stones, twigs, beach grass, string, 7in x 13in

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July 5 – July 30, 2017
Bromfield Gallery
450 Harrison Ave., Boston, Ma 02118
Hours: Wed-Sun, 12-5
Opening reception: Friday July 7, 5:30- 7:30