Upcoming Exhibition: Endless

Recipient of the Juror’s Prize for “Industrial Resolution”

Industrial Resolution toothpicks, twigs, string, wood scraps, 45″ x 70″ x 8″


Photo by Meaghan Hardy-Lavoie

Jennifer Day was the recipient of the Juror’s Prize for her Industrial Resolution” (toothpicks, twigs, string, wood scraps, 45″ x 70″ x 8″)

This exhibition was juried by Nick Capasso of the Fitchburg Museum of Art




Featured work in Ocean Home Magazine

Jennifer Day’s work was featured in the June/July 2018 issue of Ocean Home Magazine, June/July 2018. Pictured “Swim in Fog”, oil on panel, 48in x 60

Jennifer Day’s Illustrations in Ar Morgezeg

Jennifer Day’s illustrations have just been included in Ar Morgezeg, (English translation: The Sea Horses) a story by William Hope Hodgson, (1877-1918) written in its original language of Breton, by Ronan an Deroff, 2012.





Small Business Exhibition in Studio Visit Magazine

View a sampling of Jennifer Day’s exhibition, Small Business, in the volume 37 of Studio Visit Magazine, pgs. 52 and 53.